One of our favourite things to do in the summer is to picnic as much as possible.  We like to pack a bag of goodies and head to a fun location.  We’ve toured breweries and wineries.  Gone to art galleries or just the nearby splash pad. 
This week we went to the Museum of  Civilization to listen to a bunch of dj’s strut their stuff.  Right on the Ottawa River-it was idealic. 
Tonight we plan on going to “Company of Fools” to watch an updated version of “Anthony and Cleopatra”.  What else do you do if your house is not as inviting as it usually is?  I have a treat that I’ll feature tomorrow for this event.
With all these little trips though you do get a bit tired of sandwiches.  I thought I would do something quite fun after seeing a savoury version of Monkey Bread this weekend on the blogosphere. 
This is not my idea. 
I didn’t come up with it-this is just my version. 
I can’t find the link to the original.  I know that it was from a site with a very pretty, blonde girl who was married in 2010.  If this is you, please link to this post as there is nothing that cheeses me off (pardon the pizza pun) more than someone trying to take credit for someone else’s ideas.
Anyhoo…the original version used packaged biscuits.  Good idea but I didn’t have any in the house and I thought that pizza dough would be delicious.
I whipped up a batch of pizza dough and added a good dose (1 tsp. basil and a big pinch of black pepper) of seasoning to it.

 Grated 4 cups of mozzarella.

 Buttered a bundt pan, liberally (I think I may need a new one).

 Cut my dough into 20 pieces.

 Made really rough balls out of them and dipped in butter.

 Start to layer.  I’m also adding my favourite pizza topping (artichoke hearts) but you could have anything in here (pepperoni, pineapple, peppers…).

 Add cheese.

 Dot with tomato sauce.  I just used a partial jar of pasta sauce that I had open in the fridge.  In all I used 1 cup.  This is the happy end of a jar that I think was a bit cursed as when I first opened it I dropped it on the floor, it landed on its bottom and volcanoed sauce onto everything.  Ceiling, purse, phone, tv, stove, baby gate, friend’s dog, baby…  Long story-not so short, I got a new purse.

 Repeat your layers.

 End with dough on the top.

 Let rise for 45 minutes and bake for 35 minutes at 350 degrees.

 Pack into a cookie tin and make your friend hold it while you take a photo and juggle a glass of wine.  Sit back and watch the baby rock-out to the music and dance with your husband.