I admit it- I love pop tarts.  I love all the fake flavours.   I love the fact that they will last forever (sort of like twinkies).  I love that that don’t really seem like real food.  As a result I don’t keep them in the house.  I would eat them late at night when I should be should be sleeping and/or possibly cleaning.

I will though make some homemade ones today and not even pretend they are a breakfast item.  Today, they are dessert while watching “Anthony and Cleopatra”.  We’ve seen Company of Fools a number of times the past few years and love them more each time we go.  I even had them to visit my school this year and if four people can entertain 400 grade eights in May-they’ve got to be good.  I know, I said we were going to do this yesterday but the husband totally surprised me with a night away in Westport. We NEVER do this sort of thing.

But back to the pop tarts…they only take a couple of minutes and boy, are they worth it.

Puff pastry rolled

and cut into eight pieces (approx. 5×6 inches). 

Top with a healthy slather of nutella and few raspberries. 

Brush with a beaten egg (egg wash) and seal with a fork.  Bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes.

I still might eat these alone late at night-if there are any left.