It was my seventh anniversary today and we have hopefully turned the corner with the house.  They graded the yard last week (in a rain storm) and we reclaimed a large portion of our yard today.  The babes was actually able to play with her toys in her little playground.
Honestly we are both so exhausted from this turmoil we are happy to very little today. 
We have scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed.  I’ve used an entire bottle of wood floor cleaner in two rooms alone but we now have our little girl in her room again.  The trim doesn’t get installed for a bit, her big girl bed comes in this week and so does her dresser but her books and toys are back where they should.  I almost have a living room and dining room again. 
Each day I seem to need to escape for at least an hour and today I went to our local Sally Anne (Salvation Army) and found a gorgeous piece of marble with little rubber feet on the bottom.  $5.00!!!  I see cheese platters, fruit trays and roasted chicken living on this amazing piece.   

Tonight it’ll be chicken for our special day.  We’ll eat after our wee one has gone to bed.  No dining table right now but we’ll still have something tasty with it sitting on our laps.

I’ve been wanting to try a home version of Piri Piri Chicken for quite some time and today is the day.  This citrusy, spicy dish is a fave of mine from our local Nando’s but I think that I like this home version even better.

I’m not sure how they make it but here is my take on this classic.  I didn’t have time to babysit the chicken so I didn’t bbq it but that would intensify the flavour and give you crispier skin.  I simply baked mine in the oven.

Take a whole chicken and marinate for a couple of hours in; 1/4 cup of olive oil, the juice and zest of four lemons, 2 T. crushed chillies and a whole head of garlic (yep!  eat with someone you know and love well because this is garlicy).

As an afterthought I thought that a dipping sauce would be really great so I simply remade the marinade-this is a must.  I could drink that sauce by itself.