That doesn’t look like Food Waste! 
It isn’t. 

It’s an amazing pork sandwich made out of things that otherwise might have had to be composted.

All I did was take a pork tenderloin (don’t be impressed-it was on massive sale) and let it thaw in a 1 cup of crushed pineapple (remember the Pina Colada Icecream?) and a cup of leftover chipotle dressing and then baked then whole thing in the oven.  Slice.  Serve on crusty bread with some lettuce.

Now if you liked that and are in a happy mood then don’t look at the next photo.
Are you sure?
It isn’t going to spoil your breakfast or lunch?
I warned you…

 Is there anything grosser than rotten cucumbers?  They smell.  They have suspect liquids (never a phrase that will bode well in any scenario) coming out of them.  They even grow their own winter coat and I don mean a nice chic, Cynthia Rowley wrap coat in camel (not that I’ve been lusting after one of those online or anything) but a blue, fuzzy, slippery knd of dealie.

Bleh…but everything else, including what little is left of my sanity survived this week.  We still don’t have a functioning front door.  We do have a pretty new one that is nailed shut and inaccessible since a big piece of plastic is covering the opening of our entrance way.  High style indeed.

On the positive side, we can once again eat at a real table.  It is very cool.

Let’s get back to food. 
Food is happy, food gets produced no matter what and this is a yummy dinner that we had to use leftover ham. 

Throwing out ham would make Mommy VERY unhappy so after a big ham dinner it is reincarnated into different things.  I just realised that I’ve neer posted a recipe from ham croquettes-love them.  Must have soon.

This is a simple panini with swiss cheese and rhubarb chutney.  We roughed it for dessert with the last of  creme caramel and the brownies.  Life is difficult indeed 🙂

Check-in tomorrow and I’ll be sharing one of my very favourite chickenishes.  Really quick but pretty enough for entertaining.