I’m not quite ready to show the finished product of our little girl’s room yet but I am going to give a sneak peak at the dresser that I found for her.  We were cleaning out the last of my father-in-law’s house and I spotted it. 

Sitting in a corner and waiting to be taken away by the auctioneer. 

An adorable little washstand.  How could I say no?  It was like the homely puppy just waiting for a little bit of love and some gorilla glue (note to self-puppies would likely not mix well with gorilla glue).

In my mind’s eye I could see my little one growing up with this dresser, it changing colour as she grows tall enough to see in the mirror.  Seeing her fix her hair, dream of the future (stifle sob)…apparently I’m a lot more sentimental than I give myself credit for.

Her room isn’t large (being part of the original 1950’s part of the house) and this piece will hold a lot of clothes without taking-up a lot of room.  We would like for her to start playing a bit in her room but that won’t happen if we’ve filled the space with too much furniture.

I’m so in love with this crazy wall colour.

A quick knob change and time to think about a paint job is all this little jem really needs.  Maybe ballet slipper pink?  Swiss coffee?  hmmmm….Does it mean that you are spending too much time at Benjamin Moore if you know the colours by their special, lipstick names?

I think this dresser needs to be called Loretta.
A project that is free.  That is a rarity in this crazy, morphing house.  Tomorrow I have to get tiles for the front hallway.  Gulp.

You can see the finished product in the next week or so when the trim goes up and I get her new bed in.  But how about a dessert?

My mom just went home but before she did we had an early celebration of her birthday.  My sister and brother-in-law have a surprise planned for her next weekend on the day but we wanted something special here too.  I’m sure my mom had the same dreams for my sister and I growing-up as I do in getting my little girl’s room.  I’m going to remember from her always how many times she tells my sister and I she is proud of us.  I will be telling my little girl that often.

I always like when a person gets to choose their birthday treat and I was thrilled when mom mentioned a cake that I had made for her one Mother’s day years ago.  Lemon Meringue Cake.  It’s one of those things that looks really complicated but truly isn’t.  It’s got the “wow” factor though.

I simply made a yummy Victorian sponge

a recipe of lemon curd

to sandwich in the middle of the layers.

and a recipe of meringue to act as icing.

Put the ‘iced’ cake under the broiler to toast (or use your handy blowtorch) and