My neighbour is the very best. 

She is the type of person that comes by and takes your kiddo to her house because you stepped on a nail that the builders left out on the deck which you were cleaning because they left a mess and you’re really unhappy because your thought this whole build would be done, but it will be soon so you’re trying to not let it bother you because it is going to be really pretty and you got really nice tile for the front door way and it’ll make you feel better to bake-umm not that that happened yesterday and I had to add a whole lot of money to the swear jar. 

Wow, that may be my best run on sentence ever!

I want to bring a nice dessert to her and I want it to be one lovely bite.  I also have about 15 minutes to get this bad boy made. 

Awhile ago I rolled little pastry cups and I’ll throw these into the oven until golden (about 10 minutes).

While they bake I’ll take 2 cups of milk and scald it with a vanilla pod.

While that heats I’ll mix four eggs with 1/2 cup sugar and I’ll beat this until it’s pale.  I’m also beating in 1 T. cornstarch so that I hedge my bets that my custard will thicken.

Add into the hot milk (beat like heck or you’ll have scrambled eggs) and add 2 HEAPING tablespoons of goat cheese.  Let this thicken on a medium heat for a couple of minutes.  BEATING ALL THE TIME.

Here are my pretty tarts and I’m filling them with this tangy custard.

Lick the remainder of the custard out of the pot-it’ll help your hurt foot.
Pit 18 cherries (I’ve got 18 tarts shells) and soak for a few minutes in a splash of cassis.