I’m trying out something new.  I promised myself that I would work on my writing this summer (better late than never) and hopefully a weekly spin at

will help.
This week’s chosen writing prompt is begin and end a post with the same sentence.  I’m going to be short but sweet (pardon the pun when you see what I’m writing about).
I really need some chocolate.
We’re in the crocodile, death roll of this huge reno and I’ve been so over it for about a month. 
This week’s highlight reel includes; the front of the house totally open to the universe for a day, not being able to get into a bathroom to brush my teeth (don’t even get me started on how much I needed a shower), almost flashing the entire work crew one morning but a rather painful dive into the closet leading to a hurt knee saved me from leaving the house for the rest of time, stepping on a nail that was positioned on my back deck as if waiting for me, spending three hours on the phone with the window people explaining to them that “yes, the windows are lovely but kind of useless if they don’t have screens or open”, helping to wire the new part of the house at 11:00 at night and four new teeth leading to epic diaper rash on my wee one.
However, it will come to an end. 
The house will be lovely and bright and bigger and useable and we’ll be a very happy, multi-generational family.
In the meantime…
I really need some chocolate.
(and maybe start to think about ripping out the kitchen :))