In my endless watching of the food network I’ve seen a number of great looking sandwiches called po’ boys.  It’s basically a pretty, fish sandwich and has a million different versions.  It often features shrimp which I am deathly allergic too but I recenty saw one featuring scallops (sorry don’t remember which show-we have this on practically all the time). 

<div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: centerisn'Po boys aren't something that we have in my neck of the woods but I've been dying to try them. 

The other day I realized at 3:00 that nothing was on the horizon for dinner nor was it likely to ‘show-up’-what a good time for a VERY quick trip to the grocery store in amongst the other errands and carting the babes with me. 
18 month old happily eating boiled eggs (I know, weird, but that has become her grocery store treat) in the cart I whizzed through the store and got what I needed. 
WARNING: My version of this classic is not going to be authentic-if you are from the South.
I’m sorry.
My head is literally hanging in shame.  But this is still tasty and you can call it something else.  Ummm…Crazy, Canadian, Faux Po-boy?
I didn’t want leftovers so this is for exactly four sandwiches; 20 scallops, 4 ciabbatta buns, 1 tomato, 1 cucumber and a small bunch of arugula.  If you have more people then just add to the numbers.
Note:  I had meant to have a nice creamy coleslaw in the wich but the cabbage was a little icky looking and this version made me feel virtuous-so I added more mayo later on.
1)  Either buy pre-breaded scallops or press your scallops into panko crumbs and bake on a very buttered and preheated cookie sheet for 10 minutes on 350 degrees.
2)  Slice your bun and choose a pretty plate.
3)  Layer on your veg and dress with a light vinaigrette (this is one I made a little while ago for the cobb salad).  Slather the other half with a really good mayo.  I had some homemade in the fridge (check back later this week to see how easy it is to do) but otherwise choose the full fat stuff in the jar. 
Life is far too short for fat free mayo.
4)  Top with your yummy scallops and a nice cup full of kettle chips.
Dinner in under 15 minutes.  Ahhhh.