It’s getting cool at night and Labour day is this weekend.  Summer must truly be coming to an end.  We’re going to sneak in a few last things this week (back to school outfits for Mommy and the babes, bbq with friends, another trip to the splash pad…) but this is the last gasp indeed.  I also tend to feel a bit nervous this week.  It’s funny but even after all these years of teaching I still get first night jitters.
Also it freaks me out to think of leaving my little girl.  It’s like the end of maternity leave all over again.  My bestie and I saw “The Help”
last night (as awesome as the book by the way) and there was this little blond girl in it who was being rasied by the most caring “help”, Aibileen.  Her mother is absent in so many ways-mainly emotionally and the wee girl is told “She is smart, she is loved and she is important” by this woman who is treated so incredibly poorly by so many yet still shines as a human being and a Christian. 
Of course, I lost it in the theatre and have spent the rest of the time since worried that I’m not letting my little one know that she is the centre of the universe enough.
I don’t have any doubt that in my situation going to work makes me a better parent.  I love my job, I feel fulfilled and I have great holidays that allow me to spend large chunks of time with my cutie. 
It doesn’t mean that I don’t feel guilty-often, like everyday.
Time to turn to some comforting food and there is nothing more comforting than scalloped potatoes.  Potatoes cooked in butter and milk with cheese on the top.  That is the epitome of comfort.
To be honest my mom used to make scalloped potatoes and…I couldn’t stomache them.   I’ve figured out since that the trick to yummy ones are thin layers of potatoes and full-fat milk.  Really, everything gets better when the phrase full-fat is added to it.
Butter a generous casserole dish that has a lid (no lid-get the tin foil ready).

Thinly slice a layer of potatoes (yukon gold or nice red potatoes are ideal) and top with; dots of butter, salt and pepper, grated nutmeg, finely diced onions and a sprinkle of flour.

Repeat your layers (about an inch thick) four times, sprinkle with a little bit of chicken stock powder and add enough milk to bring you to the top of your potatoes.

Bake for 45 minutes at 350 degrees (covered for the first 30).  The last 10 minutes add a generous layer of cheese.  I like a nice sharp cheddar but you could put anything that you have kicking around.

Still celebrate summer with a bit of bbq steak and some farmer’s market brocolli to round things out.