I’ve got the big pieces, and some of the small ones into the babes’ big girl room and just have the primping left to do. 
Primping requires a relaxed mind that has lived in a space for a wee bit and we’re not quite there yet but I thought I would share what I’ve gotten done thus far.
This isn’t a big room but I want it to be a special place where she can grow and become her own little person.
So I’ve got a spot for her to hang her clothes (especially tutus) at the entrance with a photo of her great Grandmother’s christening and a clay handprint of hers at two months old.
Sorry for the shadow but I just can’t get rid of it-have to get some help from Michelle.  Here’s an overview of the whole room with it’s very bright Tiffany blue.

I’ve put in as large of play space as possible and warmed the space with a couple of fun rugs-I think these are temporary choices.  A french chandelier screams “Princess”.

A big bookcase holds; diapers, bins of toys, clothes and LOTS of books.  What can I say-she’s the child of an English teacher 🙂
A cozy quilt and Louise the doll are ready for lots of happy dreams.
Princess chairs and a felt tea set are ready for parties with Daddy. 
The table is actually a storage cube for yet more toys-apparentl they breed each evening.
A magnetic chalkboard wall already has the resident artist and visitors leaving messages.
The cute little dresser sits with its repaired mirror with hair accessories and jewelery in a pink watering can.
Today it is a; three hair tie, four neclace and two bracelet day.
And the first night sleeping in her big girl bed.