I was watching (shocker) the foodnetwork last week and happened to see a small bit of “Glutton for Punishment” and there was a guy who was making a totally chocolate, centred dinner.  Of course my ears perked-up.  The chef was from Montreal and had really neat spins on food.  I don’t think he ever thought of anything other than food and he came up with possibly the most brilliant idea EVER.

Chocolate souffles that were ready in 8 seconds.  Surely not!  Surely, this was a James Cameron

ish type of camera magic?
Of course I needed to try it for myself.
Chocolate happiness in a VERY short period of time-don’t toy with me.

So I melted 100 grams of dark chocolate in a double boiler.

Beat eat five eggs whites until stiff.

Folded the two together. 

Place them in pretty espresso cups. 

Cook individually in the microwave for 20 seconds (I don’t have a commercial microwave so I upped the time in increments of 4 seconds until it was puffy but firm). 

Turn out onto a plate or even better have your guests do it for an exciting “Wow!” at the table.