I’ve mentioned before of my Darwinian experiment of a garden this year but I do have zuchinni.  Doesn’t zuchinni always survive?  My guess is that a nuclear winter would leave zuchinni and cockroaches.  It’s just a guess and normally would not be the best way to start off a delicious recipe but oh well.  Apparently that’s how I roll today.
What I really was craving was those really fatty zuchinni sticks that you get in cheap restaurants that you don’t really admit that you like but neck them down whenever possible.
How though, would I make them without the boiling vat of oil?
Here we go.
One cup of parmesan, one cup bread crumbs, pepper to your taste and 2 tsp. dried basil.

Slice up your zuchinni and if they are very seedy, get rid of that too.  I’ve got two dodge ball, sized zuch. to finish up.  You want your pieces to be roughly the same width-finger sized.  Dip into two beaten eggs and then into your parm mixture.

Place on a cookie sheet that is either coated with cooking spray or has a silpat sheet on it.  Bake at 400 degrees until browned.


with baked chicken that has pieces of pancetta on it.