I’m the type of girl who likes the bad news first.  Then I can let it go and get to the good stuff.  Sort of like wolfing down canned, lima beans so that you can get to the creamy, mashed potatoes.

So here goes.  Wednesday night I happened to glance out the window and see the grocery, delivery guy arriving.  He then takes a few minutes to get my order together and brings it to the door.  Right now we have no front door so that means ALL the way around the house, talk to the husband who invariably is playing with something in the yard, dodge the toys…what can I say?  He’s a star.

I knew I had a bit of time to puruse the fridge and get things set.  Which let me to the bottom of the veg draw and 3 really gross cucumbers that I think must have let themselves into the house since I have no idea where they are from.  At least I think they were cucumbers and I think there were three.  I’m not totally sure since they somehow spread themselves out flat on the bottom of the drawer and cunningly hid under a bag of greens (who I have my eye on).  That was my waste.  Not perfect but perfectly gross.

Here’s my happy save though, well here was my intention.

More pastry (honest, we all don’t weigh a 1000 lbs here).  I took out a blob of dough, cut-up the remainder of my morrocan lamb and followed the same method as I use for Shepherd’s pie and once the pastry is browned (about 20 minutes at 350) and everything is bubbling in the middle.  A delicious dinner is born.

But instead-I came home and my father-in-law had turned the whole thing into an amazing curry by adding  2 T. curry paste, chicken stock, sauteed onions and raisins. 

We had leftover rice in the fridge that also came to play and Peter reminded me of the best bit.  The garnish!  Sliced banana, raisins, shredded coconut and slivers of dried mango.

What a treat to come home to.