I have to admit that some of my favourite times at school in England involved a lot of scarfing down of  Eton mess in the caf with very good friends.    How could you not love a big slop of cream, crumbled meringes and fruit?  It’s not supposed to look pretty it’s well…a mess.  I look back now and can’t believe how young I was.  Most of the time I’m able to fool myself into thinking that I’m still 20 but realizing that I’m in my 13th. year of teaching tends to destroy that dillusion.  However, this could explain why I decided to do something totally different and cut 10 inches off of my hair yesterday.
Now that I’m thinking about it I’ll make some in the next couple of weeks but in the meantime I have a twisted/modern version that is a bit prettier but just as easy.  I’ve even used this in the place of a birthday cake when I have friends who aren’t cake lovers amongst me (I know-gasp-but everyone deserves love, even non-cake lovers).
I used homemade meringues but you can easily just buy some for this recipe and still look like a total star.
Line a spring form pan with cling film.  Leave lots of overlap-you’ll need that later.
Crumble meringues onto the bottom, I used four personalized ones.

Add a layer of sorbet, I love raspberry so that’s what we’ve got.  This would also be terrific with chocolate icecream, vanilla, mango….  It’s easiest to deal with if you’ve put it on the counter for a few minutes before your attempt.
Add a layer of fresh fruit and some chunks of good chocolate.  I’ve also drizzled in syrupy balsamic and/or a bit of liquour to this layer but I decided to “old school it” today.
Add another layer of crumbled meringues.
Fold over the plastic and give it a good crunch with your hands to compact everything.  Freeze for a minimum of 30 minutes.
Remove your ring.
Cut into nice slice and faff about with your camera enough that it starts to melt.
My babes says to eat the chocolate chunks first.