Reader warning:  This is not going to be pretty until later on in the post.  Feel free to skip this part and get to a really nice Friday dinner.

You’ve been warned.
Are you sure?
Ok then.

Got up the other morning and heard a motor running.

A little odd. Went into the kitchen and found the source.
Our freezer. 
Our freezer that was left partially open all night.  Terrific.
To be honest, I didn’t even tackle it.  I shut the door and went to work.
Everything in the garbage.  I’m not even going to list everything as it honestly makes me more than a bit ill.  Suffice to say-this was not a frugal week.
HOWEVER, you can’t you can’t keep a girl down so I decided to focus on losing nothing out of my fridge fo the rest of the week. 
Epic fail and a success.
Here’s a great fridge dinner inspired by Christine and her totally wicked “My Opinion Monday’s” columns.
Complete dinner on the table in 20 minutes.

Slice three onions and sweat in a heavy pan on a moderate heat.  They will get soft, golden and VERY sweet.

Six slices of really good bacon in another pan.

In yet another pan (you actually need to grow a third arm if you want to stir simultaneously), saute; 2 garlic cloves, 1 rib of celery chopped and 1/2 chopped onion in 3 T. of butter.  Add in 3 cups of sliced mushrooms when the onion is soft.  Sprinkle with 3 T. of flour and saute for about 30 seconds to toast the flour.  Add 4 cups of chicken (or veg) stock and a tablespoon of fresh time.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Let simmer for a couple of minutes.

Meanwhile…(is anyone else at an age that they have the line “back at the bat cave” running through their head?), lay out some gorgeous bread (I’m making 5 lovely sandwiches), add slices of sharp cheddar, top with your caramelised onions, bacon and another dose of cheese.

Grill in your bacon pan.  Here are my justifications; 1)  drain off some, not all, of the bacon fat, 2) you don’t really want to dirty yet another pan and 3)  it is delcious.

Serve your soup in a nice cup with shavings of parm on the top and your guilty, pleasure sandwich.  Trust me.  This is dinner in 20 minutes.