These pockets aren’t about exploding tomato sauce or coming fresh out of the microwave after school. 
Not sure what I mean? 
Try here:
Don’t get me wrong, they’re good in their own special way but I’m sort of past my teenage-boy-eating-my-own-weight-in-food-each-day phase so I like my food a bit more mindful.  You know, since I have less of it.
 Instead I took inspiration from my trip Saturday to the farmer’s market and a few items that I really wanted to use up in my fridge. 
Yes, another fridge reference.  That is a story for tomorrow.
In my pot of deliciousness below, I’ve got; 6 quartered tomatoes, 1 T. olive, 2 T. balsamic, 1 roughly chopped, red pepper, 1 roughly chopped green pepper, 1 cooked, Italian sausage (yep, this is a leftover) and a liberal sprinkle of chilli flakes (Don’t like heat?  Leave them out).   To be honest, the night before we had the tomatoes (roughly 8 of them) as a salad and they got reincarnated into this sauce.  I like the tang of the balsamic and the fruity olive oil so much that I would do it again exactly the same way.
Let this burble away until the veg a soft and the sauce is thick (about 30 minutes).
I had a batch of focaccia dough already made but don’t worry if you don’t.  Just get the grocery store to sell you a ball of frozen pizza dough.  Divide into six, fairly equal pieces.
Pat your dough balls down to roughly, 8 inch circles.  Top with sauce and chunks of cheese.  I happen to have an open pack of mozzarella but you can put in whatever you would like.
Fold over and crimp edges so that you don’t loose all the goodies while they cook.

Bake for 30 min. in a moderate oven and eat hot or cold.  These are a great work lunch item.