10 things you would do if you didn’t have to work.

I’m loving this week’s writing assignment as it lets me indulge in a bit of harmless ‘what if’ time. 
It is sort of like a mini-holiday and to be honest this is as close to to a holiday as I’m going to get for a bit.
Let me start off by saying that I really do love my job.  I love being an English teacher.
I love the energy of the school.  I’m very blessed in so many ways.  Having said that… 
I would not work if I won the lottery and I run the lottery pool at schoo in an effort to see that myself and a number of colleagues will have a chance to tender our notices.

If I didn’t have to work it would mean that I was independantly wealthy and petty things like laundry, groceries, paying bills…would be done for me. 

Since I’m indulging anyway,
I’m going to expand this prompt into a total fantasy that includes; unlimited time and funds. 

1)  I would never rush.
Let me start off with the little love of my life:

the big love of my life is about as fond of getting his photo taken as I am and pretty much all of my dreams start off with them. 
(Well, possibly George Clooney gets a spot in there too.  Everyone has their ‘one’.)
I’m very aware that even with all that love-I rush.  I don’t mean want to but I rush.
 2)  I would paint each day.  Once upon a time I was learning to be a painter and then life got in the way.   I would paint in full light.  I would paint just for sheer love.  I would paint because I wanted to and I wouldn’t judge my paintings.
3)  I would see every inch of this huge world of ours (you know, all the spots on your bucket list) and try to leave each corner a bit better than I found it.
4)  I would read, even more than I already do.  I would read for the sheer love of it for hours a day.
5)  I would take courses ‘just because’.  I would be a regular at the University taking whatever interested me at the time.  I would have no goal other than my love of learning.
6)  I would see dear friends often and spontaneously.
7)  I would listen longer and more patiently to my mom when she asks the same question over and over again as Alzheimer’s steals her away from us.
8)  I would run.  I would run long distances like I did in my 20’s.  My stride would lengthen.  I would get my runner’s ‘high’ back.  I would test my endurance.
9)  I would take longer than 30 seconds to shovel a meal into myself before “the next thing”.
10)  I would put away all the laundry when it is dry and not two weeks later.
But since this is just a bit of day dreaming I’m going to make a better choice and blow bubbles on the back deck with my best girl.
Perhaps some kissies will also be involved.

Ummm…yeah.  Those of you with eagles eyes will notice that no-the siding is still not on the house.  Soon…very soon.