The themrs, who is the very, very best makes Christmas hampers for all her nearest and dearest each year at Christmas and mentioned that perhaps Grandma’s stuff (a sort of lemon/lime syrup) would be a good addition to her baskets.  By the way, I’ve experimented on myself and it keeps well for over a month.  I have an even better idea though-cocoa nuts. 
I first got these in a tiny bag that  cost WAY too much in a specialty food shop in Toronto called Pussateri’s.  I love them  so much I even went back and got another hideously priced bag.  To be honest, I would have kept going back for more but they stopped carrying them.  Boo…boo…boo.  So I had to figure out how to make them for myself.
1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar get combined in a pot and brought to a boil.
Get a bowl ready with one cup of REALLY good, dark cocoa.
5 cups of toasted almonds.
Once the syrup turns slightly amber, take off of the heat and add your nuts.  Stir to coat.  DON’T touch this mixture.  You will want to pick one of those glistening, candied nuts up and pop it in your mouth but you would be rewarded with a third degree sugar burn.

Add (quickly or they will start to crystalize) to the cocoa and mix thoroughly.

I like to dust mine with a little bit of sea salt since I just can’t seem to leave well enough alone. 
Try to give away right away so that you don’t eat them all for yourself.