I was on the lookout for a great sandwich recipe this week as I really wanted to take part in momscrazycooking challenge today. 

Of course my eye was drawn to a sandwich that was done in the crockpot, grilled cheese without the effort!

I’ve made a really simple version since I am down with a nasty case of the cold/flu but still need everyone fed while my husband kills himself trying to get the addition finished. I think that I’ll now call these my “no time to be sick” sandwhiches.  Warm and quick.

I started with a nice homemade loaf of bread and cut the number of slices that I wanted sandwiches.

 Rummaging in the fridge I decided that some really nice, capacolla salami and dijon mustard would be a good start.

 Grated sharp cheddar would act as my “glue”.

 Repeat and get foil ready to wrap.

 Before covering completely dot with four or five nobs of butter.

 Place in a covered slowcooker for two hours.  Go and lie down since your head is pounding.

Get up as Granddad is now exhausted from entertaining the toddler.
Place on a durable cutting board

and take downstairs for hardworking husband and friend getting duct work built into new part of house.