I’m posting this a bit early as I have a nice surprise for tomorrow but…I’ve been quite good this week.  No food waste at all but it came close last night.  I realised that we had three, large, homemade buns that hadn’t been eaten.  Never fear though-breakfast for dinner to the rescue.
My mom always made a version of these in muffin tins and sliced bread but I thought “Why not a bread bowl?”
So, guillotine the top off.

Scoop out the inside bits (I left these on the counter and when they were dry turned them into breadcrumbs).

Line with two pieces of prosciutto.  Now, I happened to have this you could leave it out or use roasted red peppers, cooked bacon, sliced ham…

Add a thin layer of shredded cheese.
Break an egg in each and bake until the yolk is almost firm (about 15 minutes at 350). 
In the meantime, why not a round of “Moo, Ba, La, La, La” with the kiddo? (sorry, it’s a bit dark)
Top with more shredded cheese and broil until crusty.

A quickie salad of sliced tomatoes, lemon juice and avocado leads to a very waste-free week.