I don’t think that I’ll ever get tired of roast chicken. 
What other thing can you make that gives you a “big wow” dinner one nice, leftovers another night, morphs into a casserole of some sort another AND makes you soup stock?  That’s a hardworking bird.
I lucked into a number of really cheap but ethical and yummy chickens a couple of weeks ago ($5.00!!!!) and we’ve been reaping the benefits ever since.
This week’s incarnation is super simple.  I’ll I’ve done is quartered two onions, added 2 whole heads of garlic, chopped 4 beets into quarters and added a handful of baby potatoes.
My chicken goes on the top and I’ve coated it with a balsamic glaze.  Balsamic glaze is simply balsamic vinegar that is boiled down until it is like a syrup.  It gives the chicken; crispy skin, very dark gravy and a sweetness to the vegetables that are cooked underneath.   To serve I’ve got thick, homemade bread and I’ll just squish the garlic cloves out of their jackets onto it.
Yahoo.  Dinner in one pot about 1 1/2 hours later at 350 degrees.
I like to do this on a Sunday and then Monday I take a casserole dish; add the leftover gravy, chicken, vegetables and top with either pastry or biscuit dough.  You could even use a package of premade biscuits for the top.
Bake until everything is bubbling (about 20 minutes). 
While I’m getting my bubble on the carcass goes back into a big pot, topped with cold water and boiled up for a great stock.