There are many times when I’m reminded at how totally immature I am.  I like to watch trashy movies.  I can’t see a building show and not snort in laughter when they talk about butt joints.  I just did a project with my class about a miracle cure for starving children called Plumpy’nuts.   Was I able to say it once without snickering a tiny bit?
Anyhoo, you can imagine the chortles that you would have heard when I made this great pasta dish-gnudi.
Yeah, it’s pronounced; nudie.  Teeheehee.
Ok, back to great food and reality.  I really like this dish because it is so rustica, it’s a type of dumpling similar to gnochi but even easier to make.  Gnudi is made to look like your mom produced it for you.  I guess in this case a mom truly did make it-me. 
This recipe makes enough for two adults and a hungry toddler to have as main dishes.
Simply take 2 cups ricotta, 1/2 tsp pepper, 1/4 tsp nutmeg, 3 eggs, 3/4 cup freshly grated parmesan and 1 cup of flour. 

 Mix-but just barely as you don’t want the flour’s gluten to take the dish over.
 Chill for a minimum 15 minutes.
 Run outside and grab some sage-you’ll need this later.
 Not a lot.  Just a handful to chop.
Get a pot of barely simmering water going.  Salt it as you would pasta water usually.  Drop spoonfuls of you mixture in.
 Cook only until they pop to the top.
Drain onto a tea towel.  At this stage you can pop them into the fridge.  When you are ready to eat, get 1/4 cup of butter melted in a pan and let it start to colour.  Your butter will also smell slightly nutty.

 Add in your gnudi and sprinkle with chopped sage.

 Great alone but even nicer with
 a grilled sausage.