Admit it, you have that commercial running through your head now from the ’80’s and ’90’s.
Did you know I spent most of my 20’s and part of my 30’s as a very strict vegetarian?  You probably find that tough to believe considering the amount of meat that you see being produced on this blog.
What changed?  Well, I got really sick one year and was diagnosed with Chron’s/Colitis.  Not fun and not being keen on being on massive amounts of drugs the rest of my life I decided to do a bit of research.  A lot of research.  I found that by elimating cow’s dairy and sticking to a very Atkin’s sort of diet I was ok.  Every so often I cheat and am alarmingly reminded how a chronic disease lurks instead of vacationing. 
So…meat it is.
However if I’m going to eat meat then I want to know where it is from and I want it to be great.
So the last few years we’ve found our way to farmers who love their animals and who have become friends.  Last week we went to pick-up a 1/4 of a cow at Dave and Diane’s farm “Ashton Glen”.  Their set-up is similar to what I grew-up with at our own farm.  Maybe this is the pragmatic Scot in me. 
We visited with the horses.

Enjoyed the sunshine and the leaves.

Played with the kitties.
Saw the piggies that we’ll get in the next little while.
Walked out in the field to see next year’s cows.

Were tempted to go for a ride and headed for home to fill the freezer.
So what do you think?  Is it better to know dinner or not?