22 things I’ve never done.

When I first saw this prompt I wasn’t really that keen.  I was a bit worried that it would make me feel unsettled and unhappy with my life.  What it did instead was make me take a really good look at where I want to go from here.  It doesn’t mean that here isn’t amazing.  It just means that here will change and either I can have a plan or I can drift.  I’m not really a drift sort of girl.

Thanks Mama, for giving me a virtual smack in the head-again. I think I might be getting cauliflower ear now.

This list is adapted from:

It’s actually made me think of this…

I’m going to pull this video up for my students this week as a quickie writing exercise.  I’m curious what they will come-up with.

I’m 41 and a half years old (Wow!  How did that happen?)
and so far I’ve never: 
Keep in mind, some of these things I don’t want to do. 
I’ll let you decide which fall into which category.

1)  Been to Africa.  This humungous, ancient continent where we all began that somehow manages to be wonderous and nurturing despite the troubles that visit it so often.

2)  Finished my Master’s degree.  I’m close.  I was almost there but then Miracle Cutie came along and had her own plans.

3)   Run a marathon.  I’ve done a couple of halfs but not a full marathon.  I’ll have to train A LOT but I’d like to do this by the time I’m 50.

4)  Paid off my house (see reason in #2) but we’re on the way.

5)  Learned to properly dance.  I don’t mean ‘sway-back-and-forth-like-you’re-in-grade-eight’ but a waltz or a tango that Len Goodman would give me a 10 for.

6) Eaten uni.  It looks gross but millions of Japanese people can’t be wrong.

7)  Learned to say no even if I’m WAY too busy and really should.

8)  Purposely hurt someone.

9)  Felt comfortable speaking another language.  Language is important to me and I’m REALLY shy mangling someone else’ mother tongue.

10)  Celebrated my silver wedding anniversary but that will come.

11)  Finished, not just started, writing a book.

12)  Remotely like juice.  No, I don’t count wine as juice.

13)  Been able to watch a scary movie by myself.  Hello!  “Dawn of the Dead”!!!!!

14)  Lived in a place that doesn’t have winter.

15)  Gone a day without being sarcastic.

16)  Gotten over my fear of rodents.

17)  Seen the last ‘Harry Potter’ movie.

18)  Been able to pass up a great pair of shoes-even if I can’t afford them.

19)  Found a church that makes me feel as comfortable with God as I feel when we chat on our own.

20)  Become good at forgiving, even myself.

21)  Had a day without reading.

22)  Decided that I’m now officially an adult.  Guess it’s unlikely to happen now 🙂