The first part of this post I’m not thrilled with but the second I’d like to repeat. 

Onto the crappy bit:  two people and a toddler cannot eat an entire turkey.  They can have it as sandwiches, rolls, pot pie…and then two legs sit in the fridge looking at you each time you open it in condemnation. 

Also apparently, raspberries can go from perfect to fuzzy-teddy-bear-looking-blobs (without the cuddly goodness) in the space of a few hours.

But now for the happy bits.

For the past few months I’ve been having a bit of fun with making burgers based on a few of my favourite dishes.  So far we’ve had beef bourginon burgers and souvlaki burgers but I hadn’t made one of my favourite meals into a handy patty until the other day-Curry Beef.
My love affair with all things curry truly began when I was a student in England.  After a night of revelry we would have either a kebab or a curry on the way home. 
Likely a bad idea and not something my much older stomache would be able to handle now but…seemed like a smart plan at the time 🙂
How though do I make my favourite dish into something to fit in between bread?
As I usually do when trying to figure out a new recipe I made a list of the things that I love about the original dish.
I started with a pound of ground beef and started adding the flavours that make this such a winning dish.  
A heaping tablespoon each of; chutney and curry paste (you decide whether you’d like mild or hot), 2 T. chopped cilantro,  1/2 onion (finely diced), 1 medium carrot grated, 1/2 inch ginger (grated) and a dash worstershire.
Form into patties, cook through 
and serve on naan, hamburger buns or I had leftover bacon bread (couldn’t let that go to waste) with chunky slices of tomato.

Must have again and it must be soon.