I have a lovely friend who has a deservedly, lovely husband who is one of the best cooks that I’ve ever run across.  I remember one night in particular that he made steaks for us.  They were perfect, you could have cut them with a fork and if I hadn’t been in mixed company I might have even licked my plate.

One of the things that he’s also known for is hash.  Amazing ,stirfried potatoes with meat, spices and whatever else is in the fridge.  I love it and have been trying to have mine rival B’s.  I might have cracked it recently when I made one of the yummiest and quickest dinners that my family is already asking for again.

Simply take 1 cup chopped bacon.
Add in a red pepper or a chopped onion (use what you’ve got).
Toss in 3 cups of cooked potatoes and stirfry until crunchy.
Break two eggs per person into the pan,  sprinkle with dried oregano and red pepper flakes.  Top with shredded cheese.
Bake until the cheese is melted and the yolks are as firm as  you prefer.
Great as breakfast, lunch or dinner.