It is blustery out and I still can’t quite shake my cold/sinus infection.  We need something comforting to eat and to help us celebrate getting (drum roll please!) siding on our house.  Never did I think I would be so excited by siding.
How about a minute or so with Holly Cole?  One of my favourit singers of all time who I remember seeing in a very dumpy basement club before she hit it big.

Still not cozy?  How about an awesome sausage chilli?  My friend Michelle loves this chilli.  I made it for her years ago and only once and she still mentions it.  Why haven’t I made it again?  Don’t worry Michi, I’m on it.
I’ve got:  chilli powder, cumin, red pepper flakes and hiding from view-oregano.
A package of uncooked turkey sausages.
Saute in a splash of oil after taking the casings off.
Add in heaping teaspoons of all the spices above.
Add in 2 cups of veg.  I’ve used all different one before but my favourite combination is chopped onions, red pepper, celery and mushrooms.  Also add in one large garlic clove.
Small can of crushed, green chillis.
2 tins (28 oz each) of diced tomatoes (liquid and all) and 2 tins (16 oz) of white kidney beans that have been rinsed.
Have your assistant ready with a spoon.
Let simmer for at least an hour (or put it in the slowcooker for 4 hours on high) until most of the liquid is gone and you can’t bear the delicious smell any longer.
Have your family descend upon it and finish the whole pot.