Over at Mama Kat’s last week we wrote about what we have never done…this week we’re to write a list of 22 things we HAVE done.

So here is my list 🙂

1)  Made this…

2)  Which turned into this…

3)  Which is now this…

4)  I’ve lived abroad and realized that even though I loved every minute of it.  Home is still home.
5)  I’ve finished three degrees that I actually enjoyed and use them every day.
6)  I’ve got a job that I love and challenges me every day.
7)  After a few false starts I met and married the man of my dreams.
8) I bought a house (well the bank did) and  
9) it has turned into a home that welcomes family and friends.
10)  I became and athlete, as an adult.
11)  I’ve become a good friend.
12)  I’ve weeded unhealthy people out of my life.
13)  I try to make a difference somewhere, somewhere each day.
14)  I am working at not being so critical of myself.
15)  I conquered an eating disorder.
16)  I got out of a dangerous relationship and saved myself.
17)  I’m ok with how I look.
18)  I’m ok with myself as a person.
19)  I am almost done writing a book.
20)  I have become glaringly honest.
21)  I can be counted on.
22)  I haven’t stopped learning.