It’s been quite the week around here.  I helped put on an event for 7000 grade eights, emptied and prepped the livingroom/dining room for plastering and painting, aided in installing the front walkway and then gave my muscle to putting in the glass panels around the new stairwell.  Tomorrow is running the costume parade at an amazing Hallowe’en party for Autism that my school is putting on.  I’m incredibly happy but slightly spent.

Imagine the rush I got opening my e-mail this morning and finding out that I’ve been nominated as one of Canada’s top Mommy Bloggers.  Cue the band, the spastic dancing, the raising of my third cup of java…

If you could vote for me (see sidebar handy button), I would even video my very uncoordinated dancing and post it here.  Trust me-not to be missed.

Ok, now onto teaching the kids. πŸ™‚