Can you imagine a world where someone gets up very early in the morning and makes you buttery bread that is coddling chunks of chocolate in it and brings it to you in bed with a double espresso?  Ahhh…
I can’t either.
BUT, if you followed the steps yesterday to making your own puff pastry you can have these for yourself in about 30 more minutes.
Roll your pastry out into that now familar rectangle .
Cut into four.
Divide the quarters into thirds so that you have 12 pieces.
Place chunks of really good chocolate (don’t skimp at this point-think of the dough) and fold over.
Lightly press down.
Add another row of chocolate.

and roll up completely.
Let rise for 30 minutes until your rolls are puffy but not double in size.
Brush with egg wash.
Bake for 20 minutes (or until golden on the bottom) at 350 degrees.  Watch them disappear.