drink. Share a favourite drink recipe!

The phrase itself makes me think of Mae West in all her glory telling a very young Cary Grant what is what.

I think Mama must have been reading my mind when she came up with this one because this has been a long two weeks and I’ve actually gotten everything done that I’m supposed to have including a surprise car repair and a lot of report cards comments written up as a first draft.

A believe that a cocktail is truly in order.

This is my very favourite and has many of my very favourite things in it.  1)  caffeine 2)  chocolate and 3) more chocolate.

I don’t make them very often but tonight is a celebration.

1)  Make a simple syrup of 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water.  Boil until just slightly thickened.

2)  In a cocktail shaker combine; ice,

1 shot creme de cacao, 1 shot vodka,

 2 shots of espresso, and 1 shot of simple syrup.

3)  Rim a martini glass with chocolate shavings (dip the glass into water first)

and drizzle chocolate syrup along the edges. 

4)  Strain your gorgeous concoction into your glass.

5)  Sit back and congratulate yourself on being kind of awesome-for the moment anyway (except when it comes to taking a photo of your finished product). 

Mae would approve-especially if you can get somebody to peel you a grape.