I loved when  Marilyn over at artsygirl contacted me with her totally fun November plan.  For the next three weeks I am going to get my craft on once a week and make my way through a bunch of projects that I’ve been dying to do.  For those of you who have been following this blog for awhile you will know that I am not a natural crafter.  I am a natural shopper.  If shopping were an Olympic sport I would be a triple, gold medalist.

This is a way for me to craft with the wee one AND look beyond the reno.  It’s just been taking up WAY too much of my head space the past many months.  I’ll slowly be sharing ‘done’ photos of the spaces as I primp but I’m waiting until the builder bids us his final adieu to do that.

This week I decided my ‘Frugal Fancy Craft’ would be something that the kiddo and myself could get in on the action.  Christmas Cards.

Let me explain here.  I’m a Canadian and we do our Thanksgiving in October so I’m going to slightly alter my posts to have more of a get-my-act-together for Christmas theme.  Who knows?  This year I might actually be ready well before the 24th. 🙂

The wee one is enamoured with paint, I’m enamoured with her chubby little paws and I’ve been seeing some adorable cards etc. on Pinterest that incorporate both into lovely cards.  I’m going for a bit of bling soo…

I found round cards that were cut into puzzle pieces.  Wee one picked out the sparkly paint and the shiny stickers.

 Lay everything out so that you are ready to wow the world.
 Mommy gets the paint going while wee one giggles her face off because it tickles.
 Splat down hand and decide this one will be our tester.
 But then we got better.
 After drying.  Stickers are necessary.
 Just like necklaces, if one sticker is good then three is even better.
 Have the mommy trace adorable hand so that people know where we’re going with this.
I know, I know.  This would be another Martha Stewart fail but we had a blast on a day where we both had vicious colds and weren’t very friendly to one another sometimes.  The people who get these will love the moment that they capture in time and these are the people I give thanks for.