I love carbs.  How could you not?  What else warms you, comforts you, fuels you…?  My favourite yummy carb is a toss-up between mashed potatoes and pasta.  Imagine then how happy I was when Tina over at
Photobucket wanted recipes this month that included mashed potatoes.
If you guessed ‘very happy’ you are the winner of a great recipe for easy gnocchi.  These little pasta dumplings begin with mashed potatoes and end with a nice nap on the couch. 
To make them I usually use leftover mashed and by leftovers I have made for dinner the night before seven times more mashed potatoes than I think we will ever eat.
In a bowl combine; 2 cups mashed potatoes, 1 cup ricotta, 2 eggs and a dash of grated nutmeg.
REALLY mix all of this up.  You want it to be light and lump free.
Add 1 cup of flour.  By adding I mean BARELY mix in the flour.  Too much flour and mixing means you will have gnocchi that tastes a lot like wallpaper paste.
Lightly sprinkle your work surface with flour.
Turn out your dough.
Form into two long snakes about 1 inch in diameter.  Play with your dough as little as possible-you are still trying to avoid paste.
Cut into half inch pieces.
Lay on  a cookie sheet and freeze until you are wanting to devour these little potato pillows. 
But wait!  Why don’t mine have fancy marks on them?
Well, those take time and someone was making noises that her nap was done in no uncertain terms.
There’s the culprit!

When you just can’t wait any longer to have this treat bring a pot of water to a boil and salt it as you normally would for pasta.  Drop in the gnocchi (still frozen-don’t crowd the pan) and let bubble (not boil) until they rise to the top.
Drain onto a tea towel and then fry in butter that is just starting to brown,.
Top with a meaty, tomato sauce that has spent the day hanging out in the slowcooker.

Eat most of your plate before you even THINK of taking a photo.