I love the fall.  I love the food, the colours, the ‘new start’ that the school year brings and I love pumpkin.  We gorge ourselves for a few months on; pumpkin pies, pumpkin bars, pumpkin cakes…but very few savories using this versatile vegetable.
I think that I’ve come-up with some fun though and I have this month’s Improv cooking challenge to thank for it.  Pumpkin Pizza.  Why am I posting this now?  Well, I got a message this weekend that the Improv Cooking Challenge was not going to happen and in fact ‘Lady Behind the Curtain’ was going to take a hiatus from blogging for awhile.  I still wanted to share this fun recipe though and more importantly thank ‘Lady Behind the Curtain’ aka Sheryl for not only being a terrific hostess but a fantastic mentor to this blogger.  Hope you come back soon.
We had this for a really easy Saturday lunch but I think that I would happily bring this dish to a potluck as an easy appetizer.
I started off with a cooked pizza shell (I had the dough already but save yourself some time and just use a pre-made one).
I spread on 1/2 cup of fresh, goat’s cheese.  Now, the challenge this month was cream cheese but with my dairy-hating body this is what we use as a substitute all of the time. 
Top with chunks of roasted pumpkin.  I simply halved a small pumpkin, scooped out the guts and roasted it in the skin the day before when I was cooking something else.
Add slices of prosciutto.
Top with 1 1/2 cups of grated mozzarella and lots of coarsely, cracked pepper.  Bake until crusty and melted (350 for about 15 minutes).