Each week the wonderful Marilyn has been hosting a Pin’Inspiration Thursday party as a place to share all the wonderful things that people are creating and doing.

The next week she features her favourites and on it goes.

Well, I’m thrilled to say that now I’m her cohost. I’ll be visiting as many blogs over the next few days as possibe and would be tickled if you could join in on the fun.  Pop by next week to see who has been featured. 

All you need to do is:
1) link your great projects
2) please follow myself and ArtsyGirl
3) grab a button from myself and ArtsyGirl
4) please link to an exact post and not your general blog url
5) let’s just focus on; photography, recipes and crafts and not giveaways
6) have a fab time exploring other people’s great ideas

For my party trick I’m going to share the first glimpse of our new dining room.  It is so very much not finished but I thought I would give a sort of before peek.

You see my father-in-law had all these beautiful 18th. pictures and I had in my head a gallery type wall.  A “Gypsy Pink” gallery wall.  I talked the husband into it using the argument that the pictures didn’t have enough impact unto themselves but together…  I started with the triptic (the largest) and then laid all the smaller paintings out on the table so they could act as a big frame from afar.

I know, he looks thrilled-he is actually but like most of our jobs we were doing this late at night.

Almost there, now if I could only learn to use my camera better in darker light.
Here are a couple of my favourite miniatures.  Most of them are painted on ivory.
Here’s my second favourite.  It just amazes me the detail that was achieved at this scale.
I promise to do a proper tour once the final renos are complete.  Happy partying!