My inspiration is this amazing lighting fixture that I’ve been in love with for years but still haven’t found a version I can afford or a place that would be perfect for it.

(image via

(Isn’t that table just luscious too?)

But I want a wreath for the front door and I want a spot that friends and family feel welcomed right away.
How better to do that than have a spot for people to leave notes and show some of the year’s happenings with my really cute kiddo?

I gathered the troups:  foam wreath form, roll of 5 inch burlap ribbon, roll of 3 inch sparkly ribbon, package of wire, sparkly fun bits (originally meant for a bride’s hair), one small safety pin.

I started by wrapping the wreath with the burlap.  Yes, I am making this in my room since at the moment I have not living room, dining room and all the contents of that space are everywhere.  Not to mention the amount of dust and workmen that permeate the house right now.
I like to do this as tightly as possible and to overlap on the diagonal.

Tuck in the cut edge and use your little safety pin to secure.
Unravel your pretty, sparkly bit.
and add to your wreath.
Cut the wire into a variety of lengths.
and wrap the end around your pliers three times.  This will create a homemade paperclip that you can put your notes onto.  You need stiff wire to ensure the notes won’t continually fall out.

Poke your wires all over the wreath (I’m aiming for at least 20).

Cut up little cards and place in a nice vase at the front door with a sharpie.  Make sure that husband’s very large shoe is in the picture.
See.  I wasn’t kidding about the livingroom.  Love the plastic.
Loop your pretty ribbon through your wreath and take all the way over the back of the door so that you can knot the ends, hang on the door handle and avoid having to put any holes in the door you waited six months for.
Nice dark picture of the back of the door to add to the fun.