Ok, this is beginning to be repetitive but I was THRILLED with my assignment this month. I have been lucky enough to visit Passthesushi a few times and knew that I would be spoiled for choice for recipes that I was dying to make.

Passthesushi is the blog version of Kita who is my kind of girl, rockin’ an apron (that she makes and sells at her totally fun Etsy shop) and a die hard Top Gear fan.  How could you not fall for this enthusiastic, cat-loving girl?  Visit her and visit her OFTEN.

C’mon, she’s adorable
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Here’s what I finally whittled it down to.

We’re big on appetizers for dinner on Friday nights so Caprese sticks the only thing that I changed was to make them mini.  Why mess with perfection?  I think that I love these so much because they are instant.  As in, I could actually make these in the car on the way to someone’s house that I promised to bring an appetizer but instantly forgot.

I simply got a pint of cherry tomatoes, fresh basil leaves and boccacini (fresh mozzarella balls found in the deli section and stored in water).

I’ve got some pretty sticks.

Poke as such.

Pour a simple vinaigrette over the top and let sit for a few minutes.  Prepare self for unparalleled compliments on your skills as a; wife, mother, general great person.

Remember to check out as many of the other fantabulous recipes that are being shared through SRC as possible. 

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