This week I have 1/2 a loaf of what was fantastic rye bread, a good-sized portion of salad and two oranges (don’t I always?) being sacrificed to the compost gods.
We seem to waste a fair amount of bread in our house and I’m a bit tired of it.  It is weird because…
I love grilled cheese.  I mean I really love grilled cheese. 
Like I could eat it everyday and be very happy and if I could only convince my family to have it each day with a big cup of tomato soup this would be a very different blog. 
My problem though is being able to watch these little devils and flip them in time while my best helper is in the kitchen with me. 
Confession time;  I have tossed a lot of burned grilled cheese.
Never more (do you have Poe in your head now?).  I saw (on Pinerest of course) people using their waffle irons for cinnamon rolls, biscuits, eggs… 
Hmmm…why could I not use mine for grilled cheese? 
Do you ever think of something and instead of congratulating yourself on your clever thought you instead think “You dolt!  This is only coming to you now?”
Here goes, I’m thinking that with the more intense heat and the shorter cook time I will be able to solve my dilemma.
Press, press, press.
But wait, why not get fancy and make grilled cheese in small, hand size?
Roll of crescent dough.  Lightly press the seams together.
Add cheese, fold over and cut into finger sizes.
A bit of cheese might have oozed out from my previous experiment.
Three minutes later and…
These are so pretty that next time I’ll fancy up the fillings (maybe bacon and avocado), be less haphazard with the shapes and this is a new appetizer born!