Don’t you love the holidays?  Don’t you love brunch? 
Why not have both?
We have a lot of friends with small kids and often having them over for dinner often does not work out well.  By the time the kiddos are fed, it is time to get them into the bath and at least one parent ends-up not eating before everyone needs to go home in time to go to bed.

But Brunch…
  Noone is crabby because they haven’t eaten and naptime can be pushed by a little bit. 

I really wanted to try a very clever idea that I saw (yes, on Pinterest first) from Cheese and chocolate for scrambled eggs in potatoes.  I’ve got my own version now that was a big hit at brunch but also for lunch the next day with ‘the ladies’.

The night before I baked a potato for each person and a few extras.

The morning of our brunch I sliced off the top…
and scooped out the flesh.  Don’t get rid of this.  Come back tomorrow and you can see what I do with the rest.
Laid them out in a baking dish.
How am I getting this cooking done with an energetic toddler?  Well, a cookie sheet, a shovel, rice and a couple of bowls will buy you enough time to cook.
Break an egg in each.
Bake until firm (about 20 minutes at 330)
Serve with yummy homemade bread.
Sticky buns (use the same dough that makes the bread just roll-out, spread with butter, cinnamon, brown sugar and blueberries).

And bacon sprinkled with brown sugar and then baked until crisp.
Don’t forget to pop back tomorrow to see what happened to the insides of the baked potatoes.