I like to do my decorating for the holidays slowly.  I find that if I start way ahead I get to enjoy each project so much more and I don’t get overwhelmed.  Here’s my start so far.
I’ve got a nice galvanized planter (I use this most of the winter for herbs in the kitchen) and add a layer of peat, then an amarylis bulb (bright pink and green like the majority of my Christmas decorations).
‘Fast hands Louis’ gets into the act with this stage too.
I top everything off with some lovely, decorative stones.

Here we go!  I want this as my centrepiece for a bunch of entertaining.

But what about all those extra rocks?  Well, I’ve dug out of my ‘todo’ picture pile and idea of Martha Stewart’s.  An old cookie sheet (I added felty feet to the bottom), spread with all my pretty rocks and now I’ve got a place for boots to dry in the front entrance.
Now how about my windows?
A few decorative (but light) Christmas balls and some ribbon will do the trick.
I cut ribbons into various lengths.
Spaced the balls out and…

It’s a start 🙂