from my quickie Thanksgiving centrepiece.
Now, for my American readers Thanksgiving is a just a blink ago but in Canada it was over a month and these little pumpkins need to be used or something very bad is going to happen. 
I’m in the mood for a comforting soup and ‘the girls’ at work in the lunch club are all trying to eat super healthy so that we don’t feel guilty indulging in the next bit during holiday parties. 
Faux Creamy, Vegetable soup it is!
I’ve taken 2 small pumpkins and cut them up (remove the seeds).  Their skins are really thin so I haven’t even peeled them. 
No pumpkins?  Use 2 cups of cut-up carrots or squash instead.

In a heavy pan saute (with 1/4 cup butter); 1 large leak, two parsnips and 2 ribs of celery.
When the leek starts to soften add; your pumpkin, 2 heaping teaspoons (or to taste) curry powder, 1/2 cup red lentils.
Stir so that all the vegetables are coated with a bit of butter.  Add 1/4 cup of flour and cook for 30 seconds to allow the raw taste to disappear.
Add in 1 head broccolli, cut into small pieces.
Start adding 6 cups of broth.  Do this slowly to allow the broth (chicken or vegetable) to be absorbed by the flour coated veg.  Season with salt at this point.  If you don’t the brocolli will turn a rather unappetizing shade of yuck.
Simmer until the pumpkin is soft (stirring often to avoid the lentils sinking to the bottom and burning) and the soup has thickened (about 20 minutes).  You MIGHT need to thin the soup out while it cooks due to the lentils.
Top with some lovely cheese
(I’ve chosen a bit of really sharp cheddar, a little goes a long way to flavour town)
and enjoy.
Have I mentioned that I work with the best folks ever?