So I saw an awesome idea for Mozzarella Sticks on Pinterest (where else?) and thought-this is my kind of snack.  Well, it’s my kind of snack in that it’s quick but I’m not fussy on doing a lot of frying (especially with my number one helper always in the kitchen with me) and I really don’t like cheese strings. 
What I do love is a two ingredients appetizer that takes seconds to make and that I can take to my neighbours as a thank-you for changing the tires on my car to winter ones.  If you live in a cold climate you understand what a pain it is to change your vehicle’s tires twice a year.  You wait as long as possible to put the snows on since they destroy your gas milage, make an appointment at a garage, rearrange your whole day to include the 2 hours it takes them to get it done…you get the idea.  My amazing neighbours deserve a treat for saving me the aggravation-my only worry is that I know they often read this blog and now it’s going to be revealed how easy their gift was.  Wow, shooting myself in the foot here but…
Take eggroll wrappers (you usually find these in the produce department) and them all out on your counter in diamond shapes.  Place finger sized pieces of really good cheddar 2/3’s of the way down.
With fingers dipped in water, wet the two bottom sides.
Fold the bottom end up to the middle.
Fold one side over to the middle.
Repeat with the other side and then roll.

You’re almost done.

Toss in a olive oil to coat.

Place on a baking tray and cook at 400 degrees until they are crispy and brown.

Put in a pretty container and serve with a bit of marinara sauce.