Do you travel with little ones? 
We do, a lot. 
Our wee one also tends to get carsick-a lot. 
For instance, about a two weeks ago we were supposed to go to my Mom’s for the weekend to help with a few things and Christmas shop. 
She lives about five hours away. 
10 minutes into the trip we heard it start in the back seat, you know what I mean-the sound. 
We stopped, got everything cleaned-up. 
Five minutes later.  The same. 
Repeat three more times, we decided to turn around and head home. 
The car, child and parents all needed to get hosed off and have a little sleep.
What usually works though is my car survival pack. 
I’ve found if I can keep her busy enough she doesn’t seem to get sick-most of the time.
1)  A chalkboard:  I made a quickie one with a piece of carboard and a length of leftover chalkboard sticker from another project.

2)  The essentials bag:  I keep this back with me in the front seat and hand her things throughout the drive.  If her tummy is doing fine, we just keep going until we’re there.
I’ve got; her favourite bottle for water (also can be used as a rather fancy bracelet), elmo, monkey, princess puzzle, bunny, the bongos, Lou (the doll that is so great we’ve had to buy the back-up), Elmo: in Grouchland (hoping this movie breaks really soon), reusable zipper bag of snacks and books (these change according to the mood of the day).
I also throw in here; shampoo, a change of clothes, lots of wipes, portable potty seat, toothbrush and favourite slippies to avoid forgetting them at home.
As well as, several zippable diaper bags for when the distractions don’t work and a clean-up is very necessary.
What isn’t in my picture is the most important thing (to us)-my iphone.  I’ve got a number of programs (Monkey Preschool Lunchbox, Nick Jr.’s A-Z, both great and free) and books (Pat the Bunny and Sandra Boynton’s books especially) loaded on there that she absolutely loves and are terrific distractions. 
Distractions seem to be key.
A very clever friend even found this Fisher-Price protector after seeing how enamoured (and scarily proficient) the wee one was with Mommy’s phone.
Happy and safe travelling.