I love Saturdays, well who doesn’t?  I don’t usually have to race out the door, we have some extra coffe, books get to be read over and over…and we have time for a craft.
Making things with my kiddo is pretty new to me but something that I’m having lots of fun with.  Each week she is able to do something new, each week she has new interests.  I am running to keep up with her development.  I’m also really not fussy on the idea of each Saturday costing me $30.00 in art supplies to have a bit of fun.  So using what we already have is on the menu.
Right now she is desperate to throw things.  This is not great when she picks-up something fragile so I’m trying to redirect instead of saying ‘No’ a million times a day.
You might remember these bags from my first attempt at Advent calendars.  I’ve got a lot of them to use up.  So almost instant bean bags when filled with black-eyed peas and the tops sewn closed.
Trace two sized circles on cardstock while the little one is asleep.
Lay out the crayons and get ready to decorate.
Everything is better with stickers.
Fold into fours, then cut along one of the lines to the middle.
Tape into a cone shape.
Bowl on the kitchen floor.