Ok, this year after spending so much on the house reno I decided that I would ONLY use the decorations that we already have.  So last Saturday I decided to unbury everything labelled Christmas that got shoved in the very back of storage while the house was in such an uproar.
Had a little hissy over some broken items and needed another latte.
Then I started to play. 
It’s funny how a theme starts to evolve with decorations over the years.  Apparently, chartreuse, tiffanny blue and lots of pink have been on my radar for awhile.
I’ve decided that any of my breakable items would be well housed on my table due quick little hands that like to grab things.  This table decoration will help tie the front hall into the living room and then into the dining room. 
I know I want a bit of bling so the sequin tree is going to stay.  Maybe this glass bead wreath?
No.  That looks silly.
How about a bit of blue and then items on top?

Nope!  That looks messy AND like I’m trying to hard.
Let’s try this for a few days.
So I’ve got a nice crystal pedestal, my sequined tree, silver reindeer, lots of pink, moroccan tea glasses with glitter balls in them and glass hearts.  And…naptime was over.
For our actual Christmas dinner…I have something fun and low planned with dendrobean orchids.