I love this time of year especially since people seem to go out of their way to see one another.  I love when friends drop by.
I also have my Mom’s voice in my head saying “Are you hungry?”
This means that I like to have some easy appetizers in the house for folks that drop by.  
Mini yorkshire puddings are crowd favourite at our house. 
There is this easy version or at the end of the post there is the super cheater version that is just as nice.
On a stray, quiet afternoon mix up a batch of my neverfail yorkshire pudding batter.
1 cup whole milk beaten with 2 eggs and add 1 cup of flour.
Let this stand at room temperature for a couple of hours, beating it a bit each time you pass by.
Get your mini muffin tins ready with 1 tsp of olive oil in each cup (this batch of batter makes 36).  Heat the pans in the oven (350 degrees) until the oil is just about smoking and then pour the batter in (2/3 full).  Close the oven door and DON’T peak for 10 minutes.

Mini popovers!  These are now ready to freeze.

When guests come over: grill a small steak and top the yorkshire with a thin slice and horseradish OR use a bit of deli roast beef OR top with a really nice, sharp cheddar OR a combination of all three.

Now for the cheater version. 
At the grocery store you will find (in the freezer section) already prepared yorkshire puddings.  Defrost and top with the same suggestions as above.  If you have two extra minutes throw a handful of greens on your platter to pretty things up.  You can actually make the cheater version IN the car on the way to a friends house-not that any of us are pressed for time like that. 🙂