If you are a working mom a mom you know about worry. 
I don’t even mean the big worries.
 I mean the worries that you get at night, when the house is quiet and you have two minutes to think. 
You know what I mean?
1)  Was a good mom today?
2) Did I listen enough?
3)  Was I patient enough?
4)  Did I teach my kiddo anything?
5)  Did we spend QUALITY time together?
6)  Did we play?
Well, I had one of those nights last week and did some surfing on the net for quick activities to do with my kiddo after work.  You see, I keep feeling like I make dinner, we eat, she gets a bath and then she goes to bed.  I know that that isn’t really reality but it bothers me so here is my solution for right now.
I found a great site (counting-on-me.blogspot.com) with 101 activities to do with your toddler.  I loved them.  These are the sort of ideas that take no or almost no supplies, are quick (great for short attention spans) and are friendly for a very tired mommy. 
  I picked up a package of wide popsicle sticks from the dollar store,
and I started to write.
I’ve got them in a big glass on my kitchen island right next to the snack jar.
Now maybe I can get some sleep.