I’ll admit it now.  I usually get a wicked case of the January blues.  This year it started in December and I got a bit worried about what the winter was going to be like so I decided during this week of holidays I would do something that would make me feel happy each time I looked at it. 

You see, living in our war zone of a house since our major reno began last spring I’ve felt like I spend a lot of my time waiting.  Waiting for jobs to be done.  Waiting to organize.  Waiting to primp.  Waiting to truly start living in my house again.  Well, I’m closer to not waiting but still…so I tackled a job that I could do and would only cost the amount of paint it was going to require.

A playroom for small one in the basement.

When we moved into our 1954 house almost 10 years ago the basement was something out a horror novel.  Unpainted, uninsulated, filthy and with every chemical known to man for the past 50 years.


Overtime we painted it generic grey (everywhere), built walls, adding lights…  We didn’t really consider it living space though. This was especially true when our elderly cat stsrted to use the entire place as a bathroom before he passed away.  

When my father-in-law moved in (and we had recently had small one) we really needed space and we needed it fast.  Ergo, about a million cleans with javex, a shot of really bright yellow, a nice bed, a shot of brown paint on the floor and black and white bedding. 

THEN, the building began and everything down there went crazy-with the rest of the house.

This space will eventually be a sort of butler’s pantry since the ceilings in the new basement are almost 10 ft. high and these are so low but, that is another project and it requires building skills that I just don’t have alone.  In the meantime, toddler heaven.
Believe it or not, these next three are snaps on my iphone once I’d already cleaned-up.

 Two coats of Benjamin Moore (Aura, since we can’t have much ventilation in the house right now as it is so cold here) Pewter on the walls and Midsummer’s Night on the floor and I started to move things in.
A mirror on the wall beside the dress-up box. Rattan couch that is outside in the summer.  Little table from Granddad’s house and a couple of rugs that used to be in the living room but have since been replaced.
 The world’s most complicated wall tattoo (Seriously, 114 pieces!)
 Shelves on the wall, lots of kitchen loot, tonnes of books and small one having a blast.

I know, in blogland you are supposed to put all toys away and style the space but this is a spot just to have fun and it will never be tidy so why not be real?

 Comfy chair for mommy to be served tea.
Happy first week of the year. Hope that you’re doing something that always makes you smile