Two years ago today I was laying in a hospital bed letting it sink in that I was now a parent.
I thought of all the things I hoped to teach my small one, little did I know that usually she would be doing the teaching.
Here’s what I’ve learned so far 🙂
1)  A hundred huggies before bed will never be enough.  I will be dead tired but 15 minutes after you are asleep, I miss you already.
2)  Sitting on the floor and playing is a much better use of time than well, anything.  Give all of your attention to that one thing.
3)  Flowers, grass, rocks…are wonderous things and everyone should stop, touch and talk about them.
4)  Miracles do happen.  You are the living proof.
5)  You can never wear enough necklaces.  If one is good then three must be better.  Wear them and everything else with an attitude.
6)  If it’s a really good book it should be read over again and often.  It might also be good enough to munch on.
7)  The way you are is perfect-as is that moment.  BE THERE.
8) Tutus are always appropriate.  Impromptu dancing might break out at any moment.
9)  Sometimes everyone needs a timeout.
10)  Congratulate yourself often and loudly.  When you do something great, yelling “yay!” is a terrific idea.  All the time.