Yes, I know these won’t fall into ‘toddler party’ food fare BUT at this age children all come with their parents and I want them to have something to eat that isn’t necessary fried and salted (aka chips).  I tried this recipe out for New Year’s and it was such a hit that I couldn’t wait for an excuse to have it again.  I think this time I’ll sprinkle the top with crumbled bacon.  
My inspiration was one of my favourite breakfasts, a good English fry-up.  Now I normally like my fry-up with tomatoes and mushrooms but I thought that would be overkill, even for me 🙂
Here’s my take on an English fry-up devilled egg.
I’ve got a dozen eggs cooked (11 minutes always works, plunge into ice water and they are a lot easier to peel). 
The yolks get mixed with 2 T. of hp sauce, 3 T. of mayonaise
a pinch of dried mustard and lots of pepper.  Either mash with a fork or (like me) get lazy and blitz with the hand blender.
Cook a large breakfast sausage, remove the casing and crumble.
Fill those lovely eggs with your yolk mix and sprinkle with sausage and chopped chives.